CNN Secures First Post-Child Interview With Prince William

By Alex Weprin Comment

CNN has secured the first U.S. TV interview with the UK’s Prince William since the birth of his baby boy, Prince George Alexander.

Correspondent Max Foster sat down with William, and asked about being a new parent, and his passion for Africa. The interview is technically part of a documentary, “Prince William’s Passion: New Father, New Hope,” which was produced by production company Spun Gold TV, in partnership with CNN.

Portions of the interview will air on “New Day” Monday, August 19, with the full special airing on CNN Sunday, September 15 at 10 PM. ITV in the UK also picked up the documentary, and will air it in September.

As has become standard practice for British Royal interviews, journalists are able to ask about the subject of interest to them (babies, weddings, etc) on the condition that it also air programming of importance to the Royals.

In 2010 NBC’s Brian Williams interviewed Prince Charles about William and Kate’s upcoming wedding, and NBC picked up the documentary “Harmony” that Charles produced. NBC News insists there was no connection between the interview and the documentary.

In 2012, ABC’s Katie Couric interviewed Princes William and Harry about the Queen’s “Diamond Jubilee,” of which ABC had secured the TV rights. ABC News says there was no connection between the interview and the Jubilee acquisition.

Now, CNN talks to William about being a father, but of course, the bulk of the special is about protecting Africa, and promoting Tusk, a non-profit of which he is a patron.