CNN Named ‘Most Trusted’ on Racial, Cultural Issues

By kevin Comment

It seems there’s a new poll or survey every week naming this or that network “the most trusted” in some category. The latest comes from (with UNITY: Journalists of Color), which “asked journalists of color to share their views on racial coverage in the news.”

Among the questions posed was one asking which media outlets journalists trusted to “provide fair and unbiased reporting of racial and cultural issues.” 69% of respondents said they highly trust or somewhat trust CNN, the highest percentage of any news organization.

“Acknowledgment like this by news peers is always encouraging,” CNN/US president Jon Klein tells TVNewser. “Every day at CNN we interpret diversity to mean that our network incorporates insights from informed people, from a broad range of ethnicities and backgrounds, offering diverse views and political opinions. It adds a strength and credibility to our reporting that our competitors don’t have.”

Overall, only 31% said they “highly trust” or “somewhat trust” cable news in general. The only media category lower: internet bloggers (10%). Ouch.

See the full results of their survey here.