CNN Does Not Want to Lose to Ashton Kutcher

By Chris Ariens Comment

CNNBrk_4.16.jpgTonight on AC360, Erica Hill implored CNN viewers to begin following @CNNbrk, the breaking news Twitter account. “Ashton Kutcher is gaining on us,” she said. (Actually, he’d passed them an hour earlier at 9:38pmET.) “And frankly,” said Hill, “even the bosses here are not happy about it.”

They are in a race with the actor to see who can make it to 1 million followers first. Of course, many of those viewers probably aren’t on, or don’t know what Twitter is. But it may have worked. At 10:47pmET, just before the segment, Kutcher was ahead by 1,400 followers. By 11:38, Kutcher’s lead was down to 90. Follow the race here.

And this is all going to benefit charity. If he wins, Kutcher will donate 10,000 mosquito nets for world malaria day. CNN will match the donation.

And, just before Hill’s segment, she began following us @TVNewser. Thanks, Erica. Back at ya. Follow Hill @ehillcnn

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> Update: At 11:50pm, @CNNbrk went back into the lead. By 12:12am it was ahead by 200 followers.

> Update: At 12:25am, @AplusK regained the lead. He’s ahead by 850 followers as of 12:52am.

> Update: Kutcher never looked back. At approximately 2:13am, he cracked the 1,000,000 mark first. As of 8:55am he has 1,026,651 followers to @CNNbrk’s 1,010,155.