CNN Declares Its Independence

By SteveK Comment

cnnpol_7-3.jpgCNN’s newest promo campaign sounds like it could be for just their 7pmET show, Lou Dobbs Tonight. The newest push has been CNN positioning itself as the “independent” network, in contrast to how it views FNC and MSNBC.

David Doss, EP of both Anderson Cooper 360 and CNN Election Center, describes the “two juggernauts on either side,” and how the Center is…the center. “It is especially pronounced at the 8:00 timeslot. Campbell [Brown] is in a fantastic position to grow,” he tells TVNewser. “You have people on the left telling you how to think and people on the right. Most people don’t want anyone telling them how to think.”

Doss hinted that after the election is over in November, the hour will stay political. “Step one will be to change the title,” he joked. “We’re going to be focusing a lot on whatever the new administration is. Campbell’s passion is politics. We’ll be looking really long and hard at the first 100 days of the administration into the new year.”

One of the new promos CNN is running urges viewers to “declare your independence.” Click continued to see the promo…