CNBC Turning Up The Heat…

By Brian 

Many e-mailers have responded to yesterday’s query about “increasing the heat” on CNBC:

> “It’s true,” a trusted tipster simply said.

> “I would DEFINITELY agree with your tip regarding CNBC turning up the heat…this is particularly noticable on CNBC’s temporary 7pm Katrina aftermath program, where the host (usually Bill Griffeth) is quite aggressive with his guests. You’ll also notice this a lot more during the business day interviews…a lot more pointed questions than usual.”

> “The editorial team at CNBC is looking to make programming more interesting. What is wrong with that? Debates are better than one-sided politics. We do bull-bear debates discussing Wall Street conditions as often as possible. That is more of a “we report, you decide” attitude than Fox. And no, there is no increase in headcount. The newsdesk has lost two very good producers in the past six months and they have not been replaced.”

> “I can tell you as a decade long employee of CNBC, I can’t remember a time when the shows have been so disorganized. Sure they’re increasing the heat! Thats what happens when you have TOO MANY COOKS IN THE KITCHEN!”

> “We have a new graphic, “HOT TOPIC” which is used to indicate “heated” discussions.”

> “The CNBC tip is accurate. In fact today, Friday, Mark Hoffman barked some marching orders at an 8:30 morning meeting and by 9:15 the multi-layered tier of EPs was on the floor of the newsroom ripping up rundowns and re-structuring interviews so we could have a “theme day.” Viewers did not like it. Nor did the producers who had to re-jigger some shows with less than an hour’s notice. Flop sweat is everywhere!”