CNBC Strikes Deal With Arbitron for Out of Home Viewing

By Alex Weprin Comment

CNBC is hoping to try and attach a number to its out-of-home audience, and it has tapped Arbitron to try and and deliver that number. Media Post’s David Goetzl reports:

The financial news outlet joins a host of Turner networks receiving the data, which is drawn from an Arbitron panel of about 70,000 people using portable people meters.

The service gives CNBC a chance to “quantify a previously unmeasured audience of young and affluent viewers who watch CNBC at work,” said Arbitron COO Sean Creamer on an investor call Tuesday.

CNBC, along with Bloomberg, Fox Business and a variety of other networks have long complained about the fact that Nielsen does not measure out of home viewing. Nielsen is the currency for television, and the basis for most advertising sales, but without the ability to measure say, Wall Street traders watching at the office, many networks feel like they are being shortchanged.