Clusterflake 2010 Grips TVNewsers

By Chris Ariens Comment

It’s another snow day here in New York City. We could see 20″ in Central Park before it’s all over tomorrow morning. So on the way in to the office this morning we made the midtown rounds to the TV news studios.


First stop off the 1 train, the New York headquarters of CNN and HLN at Time Warner Center.


A few blocks east along Central Park South is the CBS “Early Show” studio. No plaza shots today. In fact, the snow preempted the show in New York City as WCBS stayed with wall-to-wall storm coverage.


About ten blocks south down 5th Ave is Rockefeller Center and the GE building, home to NBC News and MSNBC.


The fourth hour of the “Today” show was still going on, drawing a small crowd, but viewers in New York didn’t see it. WNBC aired the first 20 minutes of the “Today” show from Vancouver at 7am, then stayed local for the rest of the morning. The studio above the “Today” show is where Keith Olbermann anchors his show. Although, due to his father’s illness we’re told he won’t be anchoring again tonight.


One block west is the News Corp. headquarters home of Fox News and Fox Business. The studio above the Charles Schwab branch is where Don Imus hosts his show. Cheryl Casone, David Asman and Liz Claman anchor their afternoon shows from that studio as well, as does Neil Cavuto at 6pmET.


Another block west and a few blocks south into Times Square is the two-story home of “Good Morning America” and “Nightline.” WABC preempted GMA this morning due to the storm, but aired “Regis and Kelly” live at 9am. (“Nightline,” which still uses a Times Square backdrop, moved out of that studio several months ago and is now produced at ABC News HQ on the Upper West Side.)