Chris Hayes Met With Angry NBC Employees Over Union Fight

By Jordan Chariton Comment reports MSNBC primetime host Chris Hayes met with disgruntled employees of NBC-owned Peacock Productions in the midst of a heated union battle with the network.

Hayes is one of five prime-time MSNBC hosts – along with Rachel Maddow, Al Sharpton, Lawrence O’Donnell and Ed Schultz – whose support the Writers Guild of America–East is seeking in an ugly labor struggle with Peacock Productions, which is owned by NBC Universal and has produced programming for MSNBC.

A petition posted by the AFL-CIO and hosted by Civic Action asks the five hosts to “Please meet with these workers and take a public stand to support their right to organize” at Peacock Productions. None of the five has so far publicly addressed the issue.

The report says Hayes is the only MSNBC primetime host to meet with the workers, who have been battling with Peacock Productions managers to form a union for over a year.

We’ve reached out to Hayes as well as a spokespersons for MSNBC and Peacock Productions for comment. We have not heard back.