Charlie Gibson: “I’m Really Excited About the Great Unknown”

By Alissa Krinsky Comment

CharlesGibson.jpgAs Charlie Gibson begins his final week as World News anchor, he talks with Zap2it’s Jay Bobbin about the countdown to Friday, and his forthcoming retirement:

“[T]he lame-duck period is not easy. I’ve been working for 44 years, and this will be only the second time I’ve had more than two weeks off at a time…Since I love what I’m giving up, that’s what makes it hard…Five out of seven days, though, I’m really excited about the great unknown.”

In an interview with The Washington Post‘s Howard Kurtz, Gibson says it’s the right time to step down:

“I’m whipped on a Friday night. I’m not as sharp as I once was, and I don’t want to stay too long…It’s good to leave when your elevator is up on a high floor and not on a low floor.”

And on being succeeded by colleague Diane Sawyer, Gibson tells Bobbin he’s “delighted” about it, and tells Kurtz:

“I don’t like the term star power, but she’ll bring a buzz and attention to this program that I could not. That will bring a lot of people in the tent. But do you keep them?”

More: Gibson will be on “The View” this morning talking about his final week with ABC News.