CBS News Productions Unit Shuttered

By Chris Ariens Comment

CBSLogo_10.9CBS News is shutting down its CBS News Productions unit. The division, which has a staff of more than a dozen producers, writers and researchers, produces hour-long nonfiction shows for networks including A&E, The Discovery Channel, and MTV.

CBS News expects to absorb most of the staffers, but we’re told about 5 people could be out of a job when the dust settles. Several projects are still in production.

“The resources of CBS News Productions will be redirected toward reporting and news programming,” a CBS News spokesperson tells TVNewser.

CBS News Productions, which has been around since at least the mid-1990s, is housed in the same building as “60 Minutes,” across 57th St. from most of the CBS News operation. CBS News Productions was behind several “Biography” episodes for A&E, and produced “Survivor” reunion shows.