Cavuto on GMA: “For Six Weeks I Just Had to Shut the Heck Up”

By SteveK Comment

cavuto_8-6.JPGContinuing the trend of Fox Business Network anchors appearing on ABC’s Good Morning America, Neil Cavuto joined Diane Sawyer this morning to discuss the stock market and the drop in crude oil prices.

At the end of the interview, Sawyer asked Cavuto about his MS-related throat surgery:

I had what’s the equivalent to a paralysis of my larynx. My throat was paralyzing, if you will, a poor choice of words. And they had to do this surgery leaving me with a ‘bionic throat,’ to open it up. And for six weeks I just had to shut the heck up which was difficult for me. But I learned the value of just listening.

Click here to see the interview.

Also, TVNewser’s Alissa Krinsky will be interviewing Cavuto this week — look for that in the next few days.