Campbell Brown’s ‘Conflict?’

By kevin Comment

campbell_3-4.jpgWith Campbell Brown’s husband, Dan Senor, considering a political campaign for Senate against Kirsten Gillibrand, The NY Post’s Michael Starr writes today, “[CNN] will have to decide if Brown can keep hosting her 8 p.m. nightly news show — or if she would be compromised by the conflict.”

A CNN spokesperson told Starr they wouldn’t comment on “hypothetical situations,” but Fox News anchor Greta Van Susteren did, defending Brown in a blog post today:

There are all sorts of rumors out there that CNN’s Campbell Brown’s husband may run for the Senate and the question has been raised whether she can continue to do her anchoring job at CNN. The answer is YES. Of course she can still do her job. (h/t J$P)

Van Susteren also added, “Women, believe it or not, don’t take marching orders from spouses (neither do men!) You don’t get to where Campbell Brown is by not having your own thoughts and your own will.”