Cable News Primetime Covers Team USA World Cup Elimination

By Jordan Chariton Comment

Cuomo Brazil Last night, several primetime cable news shows covered Team USA’s valiant World Cup comeback attempt against Belgium.

At the end of “Anderson Cooper 360,” substitute host John Berman interviewed “New Day” anchor Chris Cuomo, who reported live from Brazil donning a number 1 jersey.

He said the jersey was “representative of one nation, one team.” “The U.S. soccer team has captured the hearts of the country the way it never had before.” Don Lemon led “CNN Tonight” at 10pmET with World Cup coverage, interviewing CNN’s Brazil Bureau Chief Shasta Darlington and producer Paul Vercammen, whose family is Belgian.

MSNBC’s primetime lineup covered Team USA’s defeat.  “All In with Chris Hayes” sent show producers to a New York City bar to get fan reaction following the loss.  Rachel Maddow opened her show making the connection between professional soccer players faking injuries during games and U.S. politicians faking being “grievously injured.” “That is basic pee-wee league American political strategy.”

Lawrence O’Donnell led “The Last World” interviewing U.S. Women’s World Cup champion Brandi Chastain, whose 1999 game-winning shootout kick against China—and her reaction after—made her famous. “This was a wonderful occasion for soccer in this country…I think soccer has a place in the sports landscape in this country, and that’s very exciting for me.”