Brett Favre Is Tired of Coverage About Brett Favre

By Marcus Vanderberg Comment

Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre wasn’t a fan of the media coverage surrounding his return in August, taking his frustration to the airwaves on Wednesday.

During an interview with Sirius NFL Radio, Favre said the media was paying him too much attention:

“First and foremost, today’s game, today’s society, it’s a media frenzy world and nothing goes untouched or un-talked about. I quietly — I thought quietly — this offseason tried to make my decision. I had surgery. Of course, once we got months before camp the media started camping out at the gate. I never asked them to come. I never asked them to talk about it.”

So, Rachel Nichols camping out on your front yard in Mississippi is overkill? You don’t say, Brett.

Favre also claims he wasn’t trying to drag out his decision to come back for his 20th season in order to generate more media coverage:

“If we had a crystal ball it would be a lot easier but that’s not the case. I can’t help what people say about me, good or bad. The thing for me is I really don’t pay attention to it. I understand people are talking and forming opinions and speculating and things like that but I think the guys on this team would speak for me and friends and family that know the situation would say the same thing. I can’t expect anyone to understand it, wouldn’t do me any good to even try to explain it to people. So I just try to make the right decision and do the best with that decision.”

While the media might be guilty of over kill when it comes to all things Favre, the 40-year-old gunslinger has to share the blame.

Retire. Unretire. Retire. Unretire. Retire. Private jet with three teammates. Unretire.

Do you see a pattern here?

I’ll have a room ready at the Holiday Inn in Hattiesburg for next July, because we all know Favre and the media will go through the same song-and-dance routine next summer.