Bret Preps for Obama

By Chris Ariens Comment

On the Row 2 Seat 4 blog on, the questions are turned on Bret Baier as he prepares for his interview today with Pres. Obama — FNC’s first since November.

There’s probably a million questions you’d want to ask, but how do you narrow down the exact questions you’ll use?

I try to think of how the president will answer the questions based on his past statements and answers…and try to phrase them in a way that will get actual NEWS. It takes awhile.

Did the White House put any restrictions on the interview?

Nope. They said the president wants to talk about health care reform primarily…but, there are no restrictions on topics. The interview will be 20 minutes seated in the Blue Room…and then we’ll do a walk and talk portion of the interview through what’s called Cross Hall between the State Dining Room and the East Room.

• See the interview tonight on Baier’s “Special Report” at 6pmET.