BP, Oil Spill Rile Shepard Smith

By kevin Comment

shep_6-3.jpgFox News’ Shepard Smith has been particularly outspoken and fired up of late about the crisis in the Gulf.

The “Studio B” and “FOX Report” anchor has made a series of impassioned comments in the past few weeks about BP, the oil spill, and the leak’s effect on the Gulf Coast states, one of which his home state of Mississippi.

A regular target has been BP CEO Tony Hayward, to whom he said last month in a scathing commentary, “At least act like you care.” He also described one of Hayward’s comments early on as “beyond snotty.”

On “Studio B” yesterday, Smith again criticized the BP exec after comments Hayward made — and subsequently apologized for — over the weekend: “What he said there was, ‘I want my life back.’ Does he remember that 11 people were killed in this rig? Does he remember that? You want your life back, really Tony Hayward? WOW.”

Smith’s ire has also at times been directed at the overall clean-up effort. Yesterday, on Don Imus’ show, Smith said, “They can’t even get soft berms and hard berms and sand levees down there to try to stop this thing because they’re in the middle of a process of evaluating whether it might work? Screw a process.” (h/t J$P)

In the midst of a conversation about the impact on the Southern coastline last week, Smith went so far as to say:

This could end up being the story of our generation, couldn’t it? Bigger than the attacks on the World Trade Center, bigger than most anything, if 14 million people live down there and a way of life… it’s just unthinkable.