Boston Columnist Outraged at Popularity of the Miami Heat

By Noah Davis Comment

The Miami Heat are the talk of the NBA season (which, amazingly, doesn’t start until Oct. 27). Columnists around the country are sick and tired of hearing about the team. Thanks ESPN!

In addition to giving the squad 3-D treatment, the Worldwide Leader will launch its Heat Index on Oct. 11. (Marcus’ accurate take: “ESPN is single-handedly making sure you despise the Miami Heat this season.”)

Boston Globe columnist Chad Finn has another take. In his words, “It’s not a little much — it’s a lot much.”

Honestly, we agree. But what else are we going to do? This is the story of the season.

Can you explains, Patrick Stiegman, the vice president/executive editor/producer of

“Why we would go down the path like this with the Heat Index is because it’s undeniable that there is substantial interest in this story line,” he told the Globe. “And that has been the case going back to NBA free agency in the summer, particularly with LeBron. We saw mammoth traffic, more in July than we had in any other month in our history. Some people, predictably, think it might be too much coverage, but we think it’s going to be the right amount of coverage.”

You can’t fight “mammoth traffic,” but you can complain the whole time.