Bob Schieffer Pays Tribute to ‘Face the Nation’ EP, as a New One is Announced

By Alex Weprin Comment

On Sunday’s “Face the Nation,” Bob Schieffer paid tribute to his executive producer Carin Pratt, who is leaving the broadcast after 20 years to move to Vermont with her husband:

The tribute comes as CBS announced that Mary Hager has been promoted to EP of “Face the Nation.”

The memo announcing Hager’s promotion is after the jump.

From: Isham, Chris
Sent: Friday, April 29, 2011 4:28 PM
To: @CND News
Subject: Face The Nation team

I’m pleased to announce that Mary Hager has been promoted to Executive Producer of Face the Nation.

As Senior Producer for the past two years, Mary has been a force at Face the Nation. Her significant contributions have helped to strengthen the broadcast editorially and competitively. Her judgment and commitment have been instrumental in guiding the broadcast from third to second place. She also has a proven record of accomplishment as well as the ability, experience and vision to lead Face the Nation into first place.

Mary brings more than 20 years of political reporting to the job. She was Bob Schieffer’s producer for 10 years and covered virtually every presidential campaign, convention and election night. Mary began her career at CBS News in 1991 as a researcher in the CBS News Political Unit and from there moved to Capitol Hill to work with Bob as Senate producer in 1993. In 1999, she moved to the Atlanta Bureau, working with Byron Pitts covering the southeast and 2000 Campaign, including the Presidential recount in Tallahassee. In 2001, Mary returned to Washington, DC as a producer on Evening News where she spent eight years covering Congress, politics, the 2004 Kerry Campaign and the George W. Bush White House. Mary is a graduate of the University of Virginia.

Bob Schieffer had this comment about Mary today: “There is no one at CBS News more qualified than Mary Hager to become executive producer of Face the Nation. I have known and worked closely with her since she joined us as a rookie reporter. No one works harder–I remember once during the Clinton impeachment saga, Mary and I worked 57 straight days without a day off and never once did I have to tell her, ‘we’re going to need you tomorrow.’ When there is news, she just shows up without being asked because she loves the news. That’s my kind of reporter and that’s why she has been able to build such a long list of sources, contacts and key people inside Washington and throughout the political community. I know Mary and she knows me. I can’t think of anyone I’d rather have as my full partner at Face the Nation.”

Mary will be joined by Rob Hendin, who has been promoted to Senior Producer. Before joining Face the Nation, Rob was the White House Producer for the CBS Evening News covering the Obama Administration since the 2009 Inauguration. Prior to that, he served four years as the Justice/Homeland Security producer and the three years as Supreme Court producer. A graduate of the George Washington University, Hendin started as an intern in the CBS News Washington Bureau.

I am also very happy (and a bit sad) to report that Emily Bradley is being promoted to Associate Producer at Face. As you all know, Emily worked as an intern for Face the Nation in 2009 and working as my assistant since, she has been integral to the operations of the bureau and keeping both myself and Jimmy out of trouble. We will miss her.

Mary Hager, Rob Hendin, Emily Bradley, and of course, the intrepid Kaylee Hartung, will be a formidable lineup. This is an exciting time of growth at Face the Nation. With Bob Schieffer in the anchor chair and Mary’s leadership, this new team will enable us to maintain that momentum.

Please join me in congratulating Bob, Mary and the Face The Nation team.