Bloomberg Targets CNBC in Ad Campaign

By Alex Weprin Comment

Bloomberg TV is launching its first advertising campaign, seeking to steal viewers away from cable business news leader CNBC. The campaign will be focused on the New York tri-state area (where most of the Wall St. power brokers live and work) and will feature both television and out-of-home spots.

Bloomberg TV’s Margaret Brennan was in the offices yesterday for a Media Beat interview. Among other subjects, she talked about her place in the ad campaign:

Look for the full interview on TVNewser July 11.

The campaign also features Bloomberg anchors including Erik Schatzker, Deirdre Bolton and Betty Liu. As part of the campaign, Bloomberg ads will take over the entire 4/5 subway station on Wall St. in September. The New York Times has more on the ads:

The new campaign highlights the channel, its lineup of morning programming, its business anchors and what they describe as an objective editorial tone. “Television has become the home for radical opinions,” Mr. Fellows said. “We’re fiercely independent, fiercely rational.”

The campaign features ads with slogans like, “Business news like your coffee: hot, strong, no sugar.” The effort is geographically centered on New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, with a major focus on financial institutions in Manhattan. Advertising will be placed in the Wall Street subway station and it will be wrapped around double-decker tour buses. The company has also worked with some restaurants in the city, which will tune their TVs to the Bloomberg station.

The ad campaign begins just as Bloomberg TV prepares to launch a new program July 12. Called “Risk Takers,” the program is a 30-minute documentary series focusing on entrepreneurs and business leaders that “have taken a gamble, faced down failure and revolutionized the way the world does business.” The first episode focuses on JetBlue founder David Neeleman.