Biz Briefs: Bolling is Missed, Deutsch Inspires

By Chris Ariens Comment

• The New York Press stopped by the Bull & Bear Bar recently to check out a live airing of Fox Business Network’s Happy Hour. Eric Bolling, who jumped to FBN from CNBC, was on the show. The Press columnist writes, “During a commercial an older man approached wanting to shake his hand and said ‘Fast Money’ [Bolling’s former show] has never been the same with out you.”

• The Sporting News has the story of former NHL player Doug Sulliman who, after watching CNBC’s “The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch” became inspired to return to his true passion: hockey. After playing for many years, Sulliman moved to an assistant coaching job for the New Jersey Devils. But he soon left hockey to work on Wall Street in order to support his family. But after watching “The Big Idea,” he was inspired to return to his passion. He is now the assistant coach for the Phoenix Coyotes.