Beck: “The Media Everywhere Misses The Bigger Picture”

By SteveK Comment

beck_12-11.jpg“Glenn Beck is not known for his compassion. As host of the third highest rated radio talk show and a new program soon to debut on Fox News, Beck courts controversy regularly,” begins a Q&A with the host in this week’s Time Magazine.

Beck talks about his time at CNN. “I liked being over at CNN and being the odd man,” he says. “You didn’t expect me over there. I also think they made me a better broadcaster because, believe me, I was the most well-researched show on CNN. They never let me get away with anything.”

He says he and FNC CEO Roger Ailes have talked “over the past couple years about the direction of the country” — and presumably about an FNC show, which begins January 19.

“I personally think that the media everywhere misses the bigger picture,” says Beck.