Beck Returns, Goes After Boycott Org Co-Founder

By kevin Comment

beck_8-24.jpgBack from vacation, Glenn Beck blasted the co-founder of the organization that coordinated the effort to get advertisers to pull their spots from his show. During a six-minute segment, Beck talked about Van Jones, currently the special adviser for Green Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation at the White House Council on Environmental Quality. Writes the LA Times’ Matea Gold:

…set to ominous music, Beck said Jones was twice arrested for political protests and has described himself as a “rowdy black nationalist.” The talk show host cast the piece as part of a broader examination of Obama’s “czars,” special advisers to the president who “don’t answer to anybody.”

James Rucker, Executive Director of told the Times that Jones hasn’t been active with the group for almost two years and “Glenn Beck is trying to change the subject. The issue is his baseless fear mongering.”

On a related note, Fox & Friends co-host Brian Kilmeade, who challenged Beck’s use of the term “racist” when he first said it July 28 on F&F, talked about the issue on his radio show today, firmly telling a caller, “I don’t think Barack Obama is a racist. I just don’t see it.”

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