Beck: “If I Wanted To Be A Journalist, I Would Be Charlie Rose And Bore The Snot Out Of People”

By SteveK Comment

beck_6-16c.jpgFNC’s Glenn Beck spoke candidly with Jason Horowitz for a GQ Q&A recently

“I’m not a journalist,” he says. “If I wanted to be a journalist, I would be Charlie Rose and bore the snot out of people and have fourteen people watching me. I am a guy that firmly believes what I believe. I’ve done my homework. I am a student of history. Now, I can either present that to you in a Charlie Rose sort of way, or I can be entertaining.”

Beck also had some harsh words for the GOP: “The Republican Party sucks. My personal belief is that the Republican Party itself is either dead or will soon be dead in the way it is understood.”

Gawker noticed something interesting about the GQ photo, taken by photographer Jill Greenberg. She was the photographer behind the Sen. McCain Atlantic pics, and Beck had some harsh words for her at the time.

Click continued to see what broad spectrum of art is coming up from Beck…

From books to paintings:

I’m writing a futuristic action novel right now — I just named one of the characters last night around midnight, I wrote it down on a piece of paper someplace — and it’s going to be a vehicle that makes my usual points, but in a totally different way. I’m also a painter, and I’m going to start doing more art. And I’ve made some sketches of things I want to do, and I’m going to do that this summer as well. That’s the point of art; you can make your point in a million different ways. When the left was putting crucifixes in urine, they said, “No, no, no, no, it’s art. It makes you think. It stretches you.” Now, that’s not an exclusive realm of the left. It’s just hasn’t been explored by the right.