BBC Asks, One Year Later, How Much Change?


By Chris Ariens Comment

We haven’t heard from the other networks about whether or how they will mark the one year anniversary of the election of Barack Obama, but BBC World News America is planning three reports on the occasion this week.

The series titled “How Much Change?” begins tomorrow with a look at how the administration is being perceived in the Middle East. Tuesday, anchor Matt Frei returns to Culpepper, Virgina to ask residents if the promise of Obama has lived up to the reality. And on Wednesday, Katty Kay looks ahead to the 2010 mid-term elections.

Update: BBC tells us that they’ve switched the episode order this week. Frei’s Virginia report will air tonight (Monday), while the Middle East report will now air Tuesday.

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One year on from the historic election of Barack Obama, BBC World News America examines how the administration is being perceived at home and abroad.

Nowhere did Obama’s campaign message of hope and unity resonate more strongly than the Middle East where successive U.S. presidents tried and failed to find a solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict. Natalia Antelava visits Beirut, a city which reflects the complex realities of the region, and asks local people and experts what they feel the new administration has achieved – if anything – one year on from the election.

During the election Culpepper, Virginia was BBC World News America’s bellweather on how ordinary folks felt about the major issues being fought over. Matt Frei returns to the small town to ask its inhabitants how, in light of the major challenges faced by the administration on the economy and the war in Afghanistan, the promise of Obama has lived up to the reality.

Washington Correspondent Katty Kay assesses the state of the political parties one year on from the election and looks ahead to the battle for Congress in the 2010 mid-term elections. She travels to the swing state of Florida where Republican Governor Charlie Crist is battling for the Senate against a challenger from the right, Marco Rubio. Katty interviews Rubio and meets grass roots activists angry at what they see as the growth of big government under the new administration. Will a shift to the right help the Republicans win seats in 2010 or will the broad coalition that backed Obama during the election stay loyal?