Barbara Walters, Sanjay Gupta, & Glenn Beck Make Forbes‘ ’10 Most Influential Celebrities’ List

By Molly Stark Dean Comment

Forbes magazine released “The 10 Most Influential Celebrities” list today — defining influence as “the power to affect people or events, especially when that power is based on prestige.” To break ties, the magazine also factored in both likability and awareness.

ABC’s Barbara Walters was ranked #5 on list with an influential rating of 40% — and Forbes said she was “the only person on the list who could be considered a traditional journalist.”

CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta — ranking at #8 — had an influential rating of 40% as well. Besides working at CNN, Dr. Gupta is also a neurosurgeon in Atlanta. The magazine also mentioned Gupta’s 2007 debate with Michael Moore over his film “Sicko.”

Where was Fox News Channel’s Glenn Beck on the list?

#9 on the list was Fox News’ Glenn Beck — and like the other tvnewsers on the list– scored a 40% on Forbes‘ influential rating. The magazine calls Beck:

“arguably the most polarizing figure on the American right. With his radio show, TV show, website, books and university, he exerts a strong influence on those who choose to follow him. Beck is worth $35 million and ranked 43rd on our most recent Celebrity 100 list.”