Baldwin On MSNBC Show: I Don’t Want To ‘Wonk-ify’

By Alex Weprin Comment

BaldwinSoon-to-be MSNBC host Alec Baldwin talks to The Hollywood Reporter‘s Marisa Guthrie about his plans.

As we reported, the show will have much more in common with his radio show and podcast than with other MSNBC programming. In fact, Baldwin explicitly says he will be trying to avoid to “wonk-ify” on his show.

What types of guests do you want? Any Republicans?

(Laughs.) I want exciting, fizzy, dynamic people. I want interesting people. I want controversial people. I don’t want to get a bunch of wonks together and just wonk-ify some issue.

Many people blame cable news for debasing political discourse. Now you are part of cable news. Do you agree?

I don’t think of myself as a part of anything, really. The people at MSNBC said, ‘We want you to do something different, with a different tone.’ I think they’re trying to diversify what they have. It’s highly unlikely that it’s going to be me exhorting people at the end of some commentary. The show may change, the show may grow, but we’re not going to do any of that.