Are You A “High-Powered Decision Maker?” If Not, “Conversations” Isn’t For You

By Brian 

eisnermar30.jpgYesterday TVNewser reported that the premiere episode of CNBC’s Conversations with Michael Eisner dumped most of its lead-in and scratched in P2+ and the demo. In today’s Los Angeles Times, CNBC spokesperson Kevin Goldman blows off the ratings blow:

“This is a program that is hosted by a former CEO for an audience of high-powered decision makers who aren’t measured by Nielsen,” he says.

Meanwhile, here are a couple more bad reviews. (But they’re probably not “high-powered” enough for CNBC to care.)

> Bloomberg’s review of the premiere: “Walt Disney Co.’s former chairman and chief executive officer provided moments of candour and insight in his first program Tuesday, but there were plenty of rough edges that need to be smoothed out if his hour-long, bimonthly show is going to survive.”

> A CNBC insider says: “Here’s the problem: Nobody in the real world knows or cares who Eisner is. That still would be fine, except that he doesn’t have the kind of personality anyone would watch. He’s pretty self-centered, and is more interested in hearing his own voice and stories than those of his guest.”