Andrew Tyndall Responds to ABC: They’re Confusing Quantity With Quality

By Jordan Chariton Comment

TyndallWorldNewsAndrew Tyndall is firing back at ABC News’ criticism of his 2013 report on the three evening newscasts saying it is the network—and not him—that is confused.

“When ABC refers to its ‘best season,’ I believe it is confusing quantity (audience size per Nielsen) with quality, as the saying goes,” Tyndall writes on his blog.

As we noted earlier, Tyndall operates a subscription business in which he collects and packages data on the three evening newscasts and sells it to clients. CBS and NBC subscribe to the service — at $15,000 a year. ABC canceled its subscription 10 years ago. Clients get a weekly report on anchor rotations, story teasing patterns, story coverage rankings based on time allotted to each, comparison of hard vs. soft news coverage, and more.

In his 2013 report he writes, “ABC’s newscast is now certifiable Disneyfied.” Tyndall denies ABC cancelling their subscription has any influence on his critical analysis. He added he has no issue with the network’s mission to give their viewers “information that is relevant to their everyday lives,” but suggests that isn’t the same as presenting a serious newscast.