Anderson Cooper, Obama in Africa

By kevin Comment

cccastle.jpgOn Wednesday, we ran down some details about network plans for President Obama‘s historic trip to Ghana this weekend, including an advertised Anderson Cooper special.

Cooper had an exclusive sit-down with the president in Cape Coast Castle Saturday to discuss the visit’s significance as well as domestic and international issues. During the interview, President Obama talked about the history of slavery through a modern lens, “I think the way it has to be thought about, the reason it’s relevant, is whether it’s what’s happening in Darfur or what’s happening in the Congo or what’s happening in too many places around the world, the capacity for cruelty still exists.” The interview will air July 13th and 14th on “AC360” and next weekend, July 18th and 19th, Cooper will anchor a special called “President Obama’s African Journey” at 8pmET and 11pmET. WebNewser has been tracking Cooper’s tweets since Friday.

Baltimore Sun’s David Zurawik has lots of questions about the special and the practice of granting exclusive interviews in general.

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