Anchors to Head to St. Paul Tomorrow?

By Chris Ariens Comment

RNClogo_8.30.gifTV news insiders we talked to today expect television coverage of day two of the RNC to be at the level day one would have been, if not for Hurricane Gustav. That will include more cable news broadcasts originating from here and there’s also the chance one or more of the network evening news anchors will begin reporting from here as early as tomorrow.

And while the coverage of the RNC may have been subdued on TV, the networks are still staffed up.


During the Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer today on the CNN’s floor set. The network also has a skybox above the floor where guests and other analyst do live shots.

After the jump more pictures of the TV news presence in St. Paul. Also, some of the damage done by protesters here.


The MSNBC set outside the Excel Center was quiet today without shows broadcasting due to Hurricane Gustav.


CNN’s floor set at Excel Center. John King and Wolf Blitzer in the monitor and on the set. What you don’t see off to King’s right is a mini-version of the famous magic wall.


From the floor. The Fox News booth in the upper box, with the Texas delegation in the foreground.


MSNBC’s Excel Center box in the distance with the Massachusetts delegation in the foreground.


The NBC News workspace.



At least four windows and the door of the First National Bank building, about six blocks from the Excel center, were smashed. A worker we talked to cleaning up the glass said it had happened only 45 minutes before. A few blocks away SWAT had rounded up several protesters.