Al Jazeera America to Cut Remotes, Rein in Costs. ‘Live Shots: mayday!’

By Jordan Chariton Comment

Al-Jazeera-America304Al Jazeera America producers are being told to rein in the costs, by thinking twice about booking costly studio time and satellite remotes. TVNewser obtained an email sent by Al Jazeera America SVP of programming David Doss with the subject line, “Live Shots: mayday!”

“We are getting killed budget-wise on live shots,” Doss writes, adding, “we are at a point where you must own these costs.” He also instructs staffers to get satellite and studio costs approved going forward.

“As with any business organization, we look at managing our resources as efficiently and effectively as possible,” an Al Jazeera spokesperson tells TVNewser.

The full email after the jump.

From: David Doss
Date: July 10, 2014
Subject: Live shots– mayday!

We are getting killed budget-wise on live shots. I truly understand pacing and urgency but we are at a point where you must own these costs:
A dejero w/a correspondent is basically no cost…that shud be your default.
Guests (and sometimes correspondents ) usually mean a studio (cost) and transmission fees. You need to be sure your ip’s find out the cost and tell you and you approve. We are going to come up with an exact budget for you and I can tell you now you are over it…start now to rein in costs…be creative… get your guests in the studio or dtl…but no/no satellite and/or studio costs unless one of you has approved
Thanks so much.