After The Cuts: Don Teague On His Forthcoming Book And Why Life Will Get “Even Better”

By Alissa Krinsky Comment

DTeague_12.4.jpgDon Teague is looking at the upside of the economic downturn that has cost him his job as an NBC News correspondent. Teague learned Tuesday that his services, and those of several of his colleagues at NBC’s bureau in Dallas, would no longer be needed.

“Of course I’m disappointed,” Teague tells TVNewser, adding, “It also opens a lot of new opportunities.” And being laid off gives him time to finish writing his forthcoming book, a tome about “culture, war, faith, and family.”

He says it’s due out next fall, from a “major publishing house.”

In the meantime, it’s unclear if Teague will appear again on-air at the network. The job cut technically takes effect at the end of the month. Overall, he says, “it’s been a blessing to work there. And I understand the financial situation the network faces.” But he also feels for his colleagues — friends — who were laid off, too. “It’s a tough time for everyone.”

As for his future, Teague is open to local and network TV jobs, and to writing as well (he has written screenplays in his spare time). “As a person of faith, I trust God that whatever life brings me next will be even better. It always has been the case.”