ABC’s Josh Elliott: In Order To Beat ‘Today,’ GMA Has To ‘Develop Exactly Who We Are’

By Merrill Knox Comment

Today on, we ask “Good Morning America” newsreader Josh Elliott — who joined ABC  from ESPN in May — “So what do you do?” Elliott talks about the NFL, reporting on his first day from  tornado-ravaged Joplin and the long-running battle between “GMA” and NBC’s “Today”:

GMA has famously been No. 2 in the morning show “wars.” What do you think it would take for the show to finally snag the top spot away from “Today?”

Elliott: I think it will take diligence on our part. I think it’s going to take continuing to develop exactly who we are. I completely respect what “Today” has been and what it is. They are collectively a very, very impressive show unit. The anchors are terrific at what they do. I do think there is room for more than one take in the morning. It will take a real push for “GMA,” but I would be lying if I said part of the excitement and joy of going to “GMA” right now is engaging toward that push to the summit.  Like any climb, those last steps, that final push, is the hardest. Maybe it’s the athlete in me or coming from the culture I was in, but I love competition and that there’s a competitive aspect to this. I truly love my team.

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