ABC News bound for ‘Extinction?’ Prediction ‘Belongs at the Bottom of the Birdcage’

By Chris Ariens Comment’s Jon Friedman has a question about ABC News, what with the impending departure of David Westin, the cutting of 25% of the staff, and the fact that the news division remains ensconced in second place:

Now, I have the audacity to ask: Can anything save ABC News from extinction? Right now — and for the foreseeable future — the smart answer would be a curt “no.”

What say you, ABC News?

ABC News spokesperson Jeffrey Schneider tells TVNewser, “Just take a look at this week: George Stephanopoulos’s exclusive interview with the president. Martha Raddatz in Afghanistan with Gen. Petraeus and Christiane Amanpour interviewing Iman Rauf as the news of Florida Pastor Terry Jones is breaking.”

“We are firing on all cylinders.”

“Jon’s prediction about ABC News belongs at the bottom of the birdcage and this news organization will be going strong long after Jon Friedman is gone.”