A Tale of Two Interviews: Donald Trump’s Birther Claims Put to the Test

By Alex Weprin Comment

“Celebrity Apprentice” host and real estate magnate Donald Trump is planning yet another White House run (his third, though the first two were just publicity stunts). Trump has been all over the media in the last few days, appearing on just about every show that would have him, but two interviews stand out today.

The first was on NBC’s “Today,” the same network where he hosts “Celebrity Apprentice”:

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That interview was harshly criticized by Time TV critic James Poniewozik, who wrote:

The takeaway for the Today audience: Maybe Obama was born in America! Maybe not! We’ll check back and see what exciting news Donald has dug up in a few weeks, as we get closer to the exciting finale of Celebrity Apprentice! Oooh, that Donald! Good God, I think Today was tougher on the Salahis.

The other interview was with CNN this afternoon, and it was much testier:

CNN did not let the long-discredited reference to Obama’s grandmother saying he was “born in Kenya” slip by.

One thing is for sure: whether Trump is serious about a Presidential run or not, he certainly knows how to get himself booked on just about every TV show known to man.