A Requirement for Anderson Cooper’s Syndicated Talk Show Set: ‘Highly Portable’ Equipment

By Merrill Knox Comment

Although the studio for Anderson Cooper’s syndicated talk show is located just a few floors down from his CNN studio, Cooper’s new daytime home — located at Jazz at Lincoln Center, an event venue in Manhattan — could not be more different from its primetime counterpart.

The biggest difference, Newscast Studio reports, is that the daytime set, located specifically in The Allen Room, will still be used for other events, such as concerts, galas and weddings, leading to somewhat of a challenge for Cooper’s syndicated set design. Everything used for the show — from the couch to the monitor to the speakers — must be “highly portable” for quick turnarounds.

The Allen Room has also hosted tapings of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” and CBNC’s “Fast Money,” but “Anderson” will be the first show taped in the venue on a regular basis. “Anderson” debuts next week.