“A Lot Of Turmoil At ABC?”

By Brian 

> Update: 12:53pm: “Your ABC information is incorrect. There is some turnover, but if anything there are a lot of young, dynamic people joining the ranks right now for GMA and nightly magazines that are very enthusiastic,” an e-mailer responds…

Yesterday TVNewser asked: “Is Good Morning America losing three important behind-the-scenes staffers?”

“It’s true,” an insider tells TVNewser. “Luz Montez, head of the tape office and a senior producer for the show, is leaving to go to the Museam of Natural History. And Gary Stein, who used to produce weather, left quietly before the Sam Champion announcement to work on the entertainment side of TV and not news.”

He continues: “There is a lot of turmoil at ABC. There are a lot of unhappy people working here that have been applying for jobs outside of the company.” The insider hears “there may be some major changes soon…”

> Update: 12:56pm: “With a staff of more than 1,200 around the world, the departure of a few producers — who have left for other jobs — is hardly a sign of turmoil. Indeed, one of the remarkable things about ABC News is the fact that our staff hardly turns over at all,” another insider responds…