2006: At ABC & CBS, Iraq Hits Home

By Brian Comment

> May 30:

“We all fear that this day will come, the day when a bomb will tear a piece off of us. I was in a Humvee this weekend on an embed and remember looking down at my legs. They looked so thin and fragile. For a second I thought, ‘What if I lose them?'”

Richard Engel, blogging after a CBS convoy comes under attack

> Dec. 29: Saddam’s execution gets wall-to-wall coverage

> Dec. 16: “The number of Iraqi journalists who have died in the past year is staggering,” Ware says

> Dec. 15: Laura Bush says the media’s drum beat about Iraq is “discouraging”

> Dec. 12: Iraqi insurgents kill AP cameraman

> Dec. 11: Sean Hannity travels to Iraq; a week later, Bill O’Reilly does

> Dec. 5: Media covers Iraq Study Group report

> Dec. 3: NBC’s civil war decision was “very much driven by what the reports are coming from the ground”

> Nov. 27: NBC says Iraq is a “civil war;” will it be a “defining moment?”

> Nov. 27: “If this isn’t a civil war, I don’t know what is,” CNN’s Michael Ware says

> Oct. 26: “I’m basically a pacifist,” Richard Engel says

>Aug. 7: “The daily bombings, shootings and kidnappings consume a large part of our day,” CNN producer Kim Segal blogs

> Jul. 6: Volunteering for war duty in Iraq

> Jun. 5: “It is hard to come back from Iraq and then do a story about Brad and Angelina’s baby,” ABC’s John Berman says

dozierdec31.jpg > May 29: Two CBS staffers are killed in Iraq; Kimberly Dozier is critically injured

> Apr. 20: ABC’s Baghdad bureau adopts a puppy from FNC’s Baghdad bureau; they name him Fox

> Mar. 26: Lara Logan: “I really resent the fact that people say we’re not reflecting the true picture here”

> Mar. 23: “We cover what we can cover without getting our anchors and our reporters blown up,” FNCer Jerry Burke says

> Mar. 22: CBS Iraqi stringer still detained without explanation; finally wins release in April
> Mar. 21: Laura Ingraham, on Today Show, criticizes journalists for covering Iraq from Green Zone

> Mar. 18: “Operation Swarmer” was just a photo op, but the cable nets ate it up

> Mar. 7: Donald Rumsfeld says the media is exaggerating about the dangers in Iraq

> Mar. 3: NBC’s Iraqi staffers blog on MSNBC.com

> Feb. 26: Iraqi journalists are targeted most often

> Feb. 22: “I don’t want to go back” to Iraq, FNC’s Steve Harrigan says

> Feb. 6: At home, families of journalists worry

> Feb. 6: Iraq is “the deadliest war ever for news organization employees,” Eason Jordan says

> Jan. 28: Bob Woodruff and Doug Vogt are seriously injured in Iraq

> Jan. 10: Reporters mobilize to help find Jill Carroll