2005: You Heard It Here First

By Brian 

TVNewser had more than its fair share of scoops this year:

> Nov. 29: Senior VP Sid Bedingfield leaves CNN

> Nov. 16: CNN Pipeline, with four live streams, will cost $24.95 a year or 99 cents a day

> Nov. 14: “Significant changes” are coming to Squawk Box; New global business program is coming to CNBC’s early morning

> Nov. 2: More NBC News Netcasts are on the way

> Oct. 31: Aaron and Anderson are being separated, and Brown’s future at CNN is in doubt

> Sept. 29: The Brown-Cooper pairing becomes “permanent;” EP shuffle

> Sept. 17: Terry Moran, Cynthia McFadden, and Martin Bashir will be the hosts of the new ‘Nightline’

> Aug. 29: CNN cancels People in the News and expands documentary unit

> Aug. 19: Holloway overload: Substitute host Bob Costas refuses to fill in for Larry King; Later, he explained why

> Aug. 13: It seems Linda Vester won’t be returning to DaySide

> Aug. 9: Behind the scenes of The Situation Room premiere

> July 29: MSNBC’s Carlson to 11pm, making way for Cosby

> July 19: Rita Cosby will host “Live & Direct” on MSNBC

> July 5: CNN’s premium product is called Pipeline; it will include a live newscast from 8am to 8pm

> June 22: Linda Vester is going on maternity leave; a replacement host for FNC’s DaySide will be named soon

> June 17: “Production and technical personnel at FNC were exposed to diazinon, a neurotoxin class insecticide banned by the EPA for indoor use since the year 2000,” and OSHA is investigating. June 22: A recap of the situation

> June 3: American Morning is moving to the Time Warner Center

> May 28: The Situation with Tucker Carlson is taking MSNBC’s 9pm slot

> May 25: CNBC is developing a 7pm “newscast of record for the business world;” it’s set to debut in September

> May 6: Eason Jordan wants to establish a security company for journos and contractors in Iraq

> May 3: CNN may cancel Inside Politics and expand Wolf Blitzer’s afternoon role

> Mar. 14: Primetime Live EP Shelley Ross is “assuming new duties within ABC”

> Mar. 7: A CNN insider says execs are stressing “quality,” but it’s an illusion; In response, the execs fire off a memo warning employees not to leak information

> Feb. 15: The executive producer of NewsNight is “let go”

> Jan. 20: Behind the scenes of MSNBC’s inauguration broadcast

> Jan. 14: Imus is bringing his broadcast to MSNBC’s Secaucus HQ

> Jan. 11: Karyn Bryant and A.J. Hammer will co-host HLN’s Showbiz Tonight

> Jan. 5: Tucker Carlson leaves CNN; network is developing a new afternoon show