TCA 2009: Robin Williams Brings Down the House

Comedian and Academy Award winner Robin Williams, who was at the Summer Press Tour last Thursday to hawk his first HBO solo special in seven years, Robin Williams: Weapons of Self-Destruction (which premieres on Sunday, Dec. 6 at 9 p.m. ET) was armed with the following comic zingers.  Here is a sampling:
“Twitter etiquette: Is it proper to Twitter during sex? No. OMG. OMG.”

“The reason I’m going back to do standup again is I’ve run out of the merchandising money from Bicentennial Man.”

“There’s a drug they give you after heart surgery called Warfarin. For those of you who don’t know it or not knowing what it does, its rat poison, which must have been kind of crazy. They went, ‘it’s rat poison, but here, try this. I’m sure it will help.’”

“My son graduated with a degree in linguistics, which makes me think he is going to open up a poetry repair shop.”

“It is interesting to see the effect of Twittering and seeing people text messaging each other.
They are sitting this far away from each other going, ‘Hi, I can’t really talk to you, but I can send you a text message.’ ‘Hi. Hi, how are you?’”