Tara Connell to Head Gannett’s ContentOne

Tara Connell was named to head up Gannett’s new news initiative called ContentOne. Since 2003, Connell, a veteran reporter and journalist, served as vp of corporate communications.

As vp of ContentOne, Connell will work to enhance and improve how Gannett, owner of 23 TV stations and 85 daily newspapers, including USA Today, gathers and delivers news and information. ConentOne will also guide major event coverage across the company to help end duplication and seek new ways to use content across multiple platforms.

“Tara has been central to discussions about content development across the company and about the creation of ContentOne over the past few years. Her deep journalism experience, her knowledge of all facets of Gannett and a fundamentally strategic approach make her the right person to take ContentOne to the next level,” said Craig Dubos, chairman, president and CEO of Gannett.