Syfy Turns to IGN for Next Mega Sea Monster Franchise

Syfy is reaching out to the IGN community to find the next Sharktopus.

Sharktopus is of course the highly anticipated original Syfy movie featuring a deadly beast that is presumable half shark and half octopus. The network has created a string of Jaws-lite creature movies that run on Saturday nights, including Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus, Mega Piranha, and this Saturday’s (June 26) upcoming Dinocroc vs Supergator, which is being produced by legendary B-movie director Roger Corman.

Now, Syfy is turning to IGN’s young-male-gamer-skewing crowd to produce the next Saturday night thriller online. Starting this Friday (June 25) the two companies will roll out a new Web site where fans can vote among several general movie concepts, and then help create an original movie project–making decisions on wardrobe, dialogue and promotional elements.

Participating fans will also have access to Syfy and IGN’s production and development meetings and will review design concepts until the movie is completed.

Among the concepts up for consideration are “Bermuda Triangle,” “Roswell” and “2012.” The plan is for SyFy to air the completed fan-driven movie on Saturday, Aug. 14.