Strong Sampling for Conan on TBS

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Prime-Time Metered Market Monday Ratings:

ABC Dances to More Monday Victory; Mixed Freshman Results  

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Prime-Time Metered Market Monday Ratings:

ABC Dances to More Monday Victory; Mixed Freshman Results 


Monday 11/08/10

Note: The overnight data now includes DVR playback until 3 a.m. local time. One year earlier it was based on Live data only.



ABC 12.2/18
CBS   6.7/10
Fox    5.1/ 7
NBC 4.1/ 6
CW    1.5/ 2

-Percent Change From the Year-Ago Evening (Monday, November 9, 2009):
NBC: +32, ABC: +27, CW: no change, Fox: – 7, CBS: -11

-Yesterday’s Winners:  

Dancing with the Stars (ABC), Two and a Half Men (CBS)

-Honorable Mention:
How I Met Your Mother (CBS)
-Nothing Extraordinary:

Matt Lauer Reports: George W. Bush (NBC)


-Yesterday’s Losers (excluding repeats):

90210 (CW), The Event (NBC), Lie to Me (Fox), One Tree Hill (CW), Chase (NBC)


Note: The fast affiliate results for Monday will be posted at PIFeedback by 12 p.m. ET. Go to the website, click on Ratings Box (the first category), then Last Night’s Results, and Monday, November 8, 2010.   

-Ratings Breakdown:

Dominant ABC stood well above the Monday competition, as usual, with the dancing-ignited network outdelivering second-place CBS in the overnights by a hefty 82 percent. Third overall was Fox, followed by sluggish NBC and typically last-place The CW, which relies solely on the young female demographics.


Dancing with the Stars on ABC averaged a whopping 14.2 rating/21 share in the overnights from 8-10 p.m., building by half-hour as follows:


Dancing with the Stars (ABC)

8:00 p.m.: 13.1/19 (#1)

8:30 p.m.: 13.9/20 (#1)

9:00 p.m.: 14.7/21 (#1)

9:30 p.m.: 15.1/22 (#1)


Unless viewers were wise and did vote to keep Bristol Palin around, it is time for Kurt Warner to finally go home. While lead-out Castle did win the 10 p.m. hour with an 8.1/14 in the overnights, retention out of the 9:30 p.m. portion of Dancing with the Stars was only 54 percent. ABC could, and should, be doing better here. 


CBS had nothing unusual to report with its line-up of How I Met Your Mother (#3: 5.8/ 9), which always resonates among adults 18-49 (and was up by 16 percent year-to-year), Rules of Engagement (#3: 5.1/ 7), standout Two and a Half Men (#2: 8.9/13), and recent entries Mike & Molly (#2: 7.0/10) and Hawaii Five-O (#2: 6.8/11). Comparably, Mike & Molly dipped by 10 percent from year-ago occupant The Big Bang Theory (7.8/12 on Nov. 9, 2009), while Hawaii Five-O was down by a more extensive 28 percent from CSI: Miami (9.4/16). While Mike & Molly is a respectable entry, older-skewing Hawaii Five-O is turning into a disappointment. Creative guest casting last night: Joan Collins as David Spade’s mother on Rules of Engagement.


NBC replaced struggling Chuck in the 8 p.m. hour with news special Matt Lauer Reports: George W. Bush, and it finished an uneventful fourth with a 4.9/ 8 in the overnights. Next was now officially failing The Event, which sunk to a series-low 4.0/ 6 at 9 p.m. (#3), followed by also recent entry Chase at a last-place 3.3/ 6 at 10 p.m. Although The Event and Chase were both renewed for the remainder of the season, NBC could always reverse its decision. 


Over at Fox was House (#2: 6.6/10), which is poised for time period victory among adults 18-49, and Lie to Me (#4: 3.6/ 5), which will be replaced in February with crime solver The Chicago Code. Last, and very least, were CW duo 90210 (#5: 1.6/ 2) and Gossip Girl (#5: 1.5/ 2). From an overnight standpoint, Lie to Me, 90210 and Gossip Girl are all “losers.” There is no getting around that. 

Source: Nielsen Media Research data

Ratings Box:

What’s Hot/What’s Not


-Strong Sampling for Conan on TBS:

The fast affiliate numbers will be released later today, complete with total viewers and demographic data. But based on the overnight ratings, Conan O’Brien’s new late night talker on TBS launched with a solid 2.8 in households in the 11 p.m. ET hour. Comparably, that bested year-ago occupant Lopez Tonight, which now airs at 12 a.m. ET, by 133 percent (2.8 to 1.2). More details to follow. 


-Disney Channel Shakes it Up:

The series-premiere of Disney Channel sitcom Shake it Up opened on Sunday with 6.2 million viewers and 2.7 million tweens 9-14 at 8:30 p.m. — the cable net’s second most-watched series-opener ever in both categories. Comparably, Shake it Up doubled the year-ago time period average in total viewers, while building by 73 percent in kids 6-11 (1.5 to 2.6 million) and 93 percent in tweens 9-14 (1.4 to 2.7 million). Earlier in the evening on Disney Channel, Hannah Montana at 7:30 p.m. rose to its most-watched telecast since High School Musical on August 17, 2007 in total viewers (7.1 million), kids 6-11 (2.6 million) and tweens 9-14 (2.8 million).


-Live Plus 7 Day Ratings – Week of October 18, 2010:

Week five of the Live Plus 7 Day Ratings, which include DVR usage, have been released. Based on additional tune-in, CBS held six of the top 10, 11 of the top 20, and 15 of the top 30 spots, but Grey’s Anatomy on ABC topped the charts with 3.03 million additional viewers. Leading based on percent increase was NBC’s Parenthood (+37.5 percent), followed by NBC’s The Event (+31.3 percent), Fox’s Lie to Me (+29.2 percent), aforementioned Grey’s Anatomy (+27.5 percent), CBS’ Hawaii Five-O (+27.2), The CW’s Smallville (+26.9 percent), NBC’s The Office (+26.8 percent), Fox’s House (+26.7 percent), Fox’s The Good Guys (+26.0 percent), and NBC’s Chase and The Vampire Diaries on The CW, each with an added 24.9 percent.


Here are the top 30 shows in added total viewers based on DVR usage:


Grey’s Anatomy (ABC): 10.99 to 14.02 million (+3.03 million), Hawaii Five-O (CBS): 10.97 to 13.95 million (+2.98), Modern Family (ABC): 12.02 to 14.92 million (+2.90), The Mentalist (CBS): 14.46 to 17.10 million (+2.64), House (Fox): 9.68 to 12.27 million (+2.59), Castle (ABC): 10.98 to 13.40 million (+2.42), Criminal Minds (CBS): 14.50 to 16.83 million (+2.33), NCIS (CBS): 19.42 to 21.73 million (+2.31), CSI (CBS): 15.00 to 17.23 million (+2.23), The Big Bang Theory (CBS): 13.08 to 15.23 (+2.15), Blue Bloods (CBS): 11.19 to 13.32 million (+2.13), The Good Wife (CBS): 12.21 to 14.28 million (+2.07), The Event (NBC): 6.45 to 8.47 million (+2.02), NCIS: Los Angeles (CBS): 16.01 to 17.98 million (+1.97), Private Practice (ABC): 7.69 to 9.57 million (+1.88), The Office (NBC): 6.91 to 8.76 million (+1.85), Parenthood (NBC): 4.90 to 6.74 million (+1.84), Two and a Half Men (CBS): 13.54 to 15.30 million (+1.76), Desperate Housewives (ABC): 12.17 to 13.90 million (+1.73), The Defenders (CBS): 10.05 to 11.75 million (+1.70), Lie to Me (Fox): 5.63 to 7.27 million (+1.64), Law & Order: SVU (NBC): 8.75 to 10.38 million (+1.63), Brothers & Sisters (ABC): 8.22 to 9.76 million (+1.54), Survivor: Nicaragua (CBS): 12.30 to 13.77 (+1.47 million). Chase (NBC): 5.20 to 6.49 million (+1.29), How I Met Your Mother (CBS): 8.06 to 9.34 (+1.28), , Cougar Town (ABC): 7.42 to 8.70 million (+1.28), Mike & Molly (CBS): 10.91 to 12.18 million (+1.27), No Ordinary Family (ABC): 7.44 to 8.68 million (+1.24)

Source: Nielsen Media Research data

On the Air Tonight:
Prime-Time Programming Options


Night 13 of the Nov. 2010 Sweep


8:00 p.m.  No Ordinary Family

 9:00 p.m. Dancing with the Stars

10:00 p.m. Detroit 1-8-7

 8:00 p.m. NCIS
 9:00 p.m. NCIS: Los Angeles

10:00 p.m. The Good Wife

 8:00 p.m. The Biggest Loser (two hours)
 10:00 p.m. Parenthood
 8:00 p.m. Glee
 9:00 p.m. Raising Hope
 9:30 p.m. Running Wilde
 8:00 p.m. One Tree Hill

 9:00 p.m. Life Unexpected


TV Tidbits:

Notes of Interest


-Nancy O’Dell Heads to ET:

Former Access Hollywood co-host Nancy O’Dell is heading back to the world of syndicated newsmagazines as Mary Hart’s replacement on CBS Television Distribution’s veteran Entertainment Tonight. O’Dell will join ET in January as a special correspondent, moving into the role of co-host opposite Mark Steines after Hart leaves next fall. 


-More The Walking Dead:

Just two episodes into its run, cable net AMC has pick-up thriller The Walking Dead for a second season, with an order for 13 additional episodes. Week two of The Walking Dead on Sunday maintained 88 percent of its record-breaking debut (5.34 million viewers on Oct. 31), with 4.71 million viewers at 10 p.m.


-Storage Wars on A&E:

A&E will introduce a new half-hour series called Storage Wars, which follows four professional buyers and their teams as they scour repossessed storage units in search of hidden treasure. It launches on Wednesday, Dec. 1 at 10 p.m. ET. Twelve initial episodes have been ordered. 


-The Comeback on Sundance Channel:

Short-lived 2005 HBO comedy The Comeback, headlined by Lisa Kudrow (and featuring a character named Mark Berman) will be repeated on Sundance Channel beginning on Tuesday, Nov. 23. Kudrow plays Valerie Cherish, a former sitcom star trying to resuscitate her career via a reality TV series. 


TV Trivia Time:

Filling Up in Mayberry

What was the name of the owner of the gas station that Gomer and Goober Pyle worked at on The Andy Griffith Show?

a)      Ernie
b)      Floyd
c)      Freddie
d)      Sammy
e)      Wally
The answer to yesterday’s question:

This question comes to us from frequent kudos recipient Paul Certo. Mary Ingalls going blind on Little House on the Prairie was a major turning point in the series.  What caused her to lose her sight?

a)      Botulism
b)      Diabetes
c)      Polio
d)      Scarlett fever
e)      Trichinosis

Is:  d) Scarlett Fever, which did actually happen based on the book series. 

-Current kudos goes to:
Suzanne Ackley, Steve Albright, Joelle Alexander, Mark Amato, Michelle Yarborough-Bauer,
Barbara Berman, Gerry Bixenspan (2x), Kimay Bloch, Barbara Bloomfield, Jim Brams, John Brooker, Larry Collins, Kristin Conner, Harold Cooper, Reid Davis, Sue Doron, Holly Escobar, Connie Falcone, John Ferlazzo, Adam Giagni, Maureen Goldman, Vicky Gregorian, Ed Griffis, Michelle Harrington, Carolyn Becker Hayes, Barb Hemberger, John Hezlep, Brad Hight, Bob Ingersoll, David Jackino, Stephanie Jeanette, Deb Kainer, Kathryn Kieser, Synda Kollman, Joel Kunkel, Steven Kurtzer, Katie Kuyper, Rick Locke, Patty Lynch, Tracie Millen, Debbie Mirr, Jim Moore, Anne Moynihan, Michael Murphy, Laura Pagel, Ken Penney, Francine Purcell, Gordon Purcell, Julie Rasmussen, Colleen Roth, Neal Sabin, Maxine Shulman, Michelle Stanton, Joe Swaney, Julie Syers, Ronnie Tallant, Nina Tomlinson