Snickers Super Bowl Spot Rated Most ‘Meaningful’

Is there a man, woman or child in America who hasn’t been polled for an opinion on this year’s Super Bowl advertising? Ad agency Allen & Gerritsen got into the act with a survey aimed at gauging whether each commercial on the telecast was “meaningful” in the sense of pushing viewers toward actually buying the product or service (as opposed to merely entertaining the audience).

Based on a battery of questions (such as “Did this commercial clearly portray the value of the product or service advertised?”), the highest ranking went to the Snickers spot featuring Betty White. The “Chickens Across America” spot for Denny’s was runner-up, followed by the Anheuser-Busch Clydesdales effort, the with the Griswolds, and Hyundai with Brett Favre.

And which spots, according to Allen & Gerritsen’s methodology, were least likely to turn viewers into buyers? GoDaddy had two of the five lowest-ranking commercials, along with Bridgestone’s “your tires or your life” effort, Vizio’s “forge” spot with Beyonce, and Diamond Foods’ “awesomer” commercial for Emerald Nuts and Pop Secret.