Sex and Blackmail Prove to Be a Winning Combo for Scandal Twitter Followers

D.C. soap dominates Nielsen's social media rating

Scandal has once again clobbered the competition in this week’s Twitter television ratings for series and specials, giving ABC the consistent edge on Thursday nights.  

Nielsen's Twitter stats show the Oct. 2 episode of Scandal produced 286,000 tweets reaching more than 2.6 million Twitter accounts.

This week’s episode featured Jake booking a hotel room for torrid encounters while Olivia informed him she didn’t do “booty calls”; Cyrus blackmailed Olivia to ensure James and Lisa Elliot show up at the President’s State of the Union Address; and Mellie munched potato chips in her bathrobe while seated at her son’s grave. So, there was a lot to tweet about:

NBC’s The Voice finished a distant second to Scandal, generating 80,000 tweets that reached more than 1.9 million people. Show producers introduced an "instant save" Twitter option to engage viewers in choosing winners. But not even that trick could push the show to the top of the Twitter ratings, proving that a steamy soap opera set in the nation’s capital is the digital equivalent of the best TV cooler talk.