Radio One Inches Closer to Guaranteeing Radio Schedules

Radio One took one step closer to guaranteeing radio schedules, informing Houston clients in a letter Thursday (Aug. 20) that it will institute a scheduling and verification system based on portable people meter ratings in the market. Called Accountability One, the software will allow advertisers to monitor delivery of their schedules on a weekly basis and compare the scheduled cost per point with the negotiated cost per point by broad dayparts.

With Arbitron rolling out the PPM to an additional 12 markets by the end of the year for a total of 14, several radio groups, such as CBS Radio and Emmis Communications, have committed to posting, a practice formerly shunned by the industry.

“The development of the PPM methodology provides the opportunity to supply quicker ratings feedback regarding schedule delivery,” Radio One said in a statement. “We believe [Accountability One] will become the new industry standard.”

Over the next few weeks, Radio One, which has three stations in Houston, plans to meet with advertisers to demonstrate its new system.

“Every radio station should have this,” said Lauren Russo, vp and managing director of local radio for Horizon Media.

Radio groups have been under increased pressure to make the medium more attractive to advertisers. For the 15th straight month, radio advertising is expected to once again be in negative radio territory, as low as 7 percent, forecast Jim Boyle, an analyst with CL King & Associates.