Radio Days Ahead for Urbanski

Doug Urbanski, who has guest hosted for some of the biggest names in radio, is getting his own three-hour daily talk show next year. The vehicle is called Urbanski.

This is the second daily show Westwood One plans to syndicate in the New Year. Earlier this month, the radio network said it would launch The Robert Wuhl Show, hosted by the actor best known for his role as sports super-agent Arliss Michaels on HBO’s Arli$$ series. 

Both shows will be broadcast from Westwood One Studios in Culver City, Calif.

Urbanski has sat-in for Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly, Dennis Miler, Laura Ingraham, Fred Thompson and Michael Savage, among others, earning him the moniker, “America’s Guest Host.” But he’s best known for his theatrical productions on Broadway and in London’s West End. He has produced Academy Award nominated films and, as a talent manager, represented major artists associated with some of the biggest franchise pictures in history such as Harry Potter, Batman and Crocodile Dundee. Urbanski is currently in London serving as executive producer of the film version of John LeCarre’s Cold War thriller, Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy, to be released in 2011.

“I am fortunate to have known everyone, been everyplace and done everything. My entire life, people have said I should be on radio,” said Urbanski in a statement. “Speaking to millions of people for Rush, Savage, O’Reilly, Ingraham and others—combined with my own brand of humor, my love of telling ‘the story’, and my conviction that I am actually 1,000 pundits rolled into one—it seemed to make sense to give me my own microphone.”