New Jersey Attorney General Subpoenas Arbitron

Last week it was New York State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo who subpoenaed Arbitron over what he called “a significant and improper decline in ratings under the PPM methodology” that “could cause minority stations to suffer drastic reductions in advertising revenues.” On Monday (Sept. 15), New Jersey Attorney General Anne Milgram piled on and issued her own subpoena “concerning allegations that [Arbitron’s] new method for measuring radio station listenership in New Jersey is flawed, statistically unreliable and undercounts the listening habits of minority consumers.”

The NJAG subpoena seeks documents concerning the sampling of Arbitron’s PPM system in the Houston, New York, Philadelphia and New Jersey markets, submissions by Arbitron to the Media Ratings Council (MRC) regarding accreditation, and correspondence between Arbitron and advertisers or radio broadcasters regarding implementation of PPM.
Arbitron was not immediately available for comment.