NBCU and NHL Play Superheroes

Canuck, and Ranger, and Bruin! Oh my!

Comcast’s NBCUniversal recently managed to extend its deal for TV rights to National Hockey League games. Now, it’s getting involved with the NHL’s (rather head-scratching) new venture: superheroes.

The Los Angeles Times reports that NBCU has struck a deal with Guardian Media Entertainment, which owns the Guardian Project, a new superhero franchise created by Stan Lee and the NHL. The hockey-inspired crime fighters were first unveiled during the NHL All-Star Game, which was carried by NBCU’s Versus channel (soon to be renamed).

As part of the deal, NBCU will promote the Guardian Project on its media platforms, and in return, receive an equity stake in Guardian Media Entertainment. The partnership could spawn TV series, movies, and graphic novels featuring Lee’s new NHL-themed superheroes, all of whom have “incredible powers derived from the teams and cities they represent.”

So bad guys had better prepare to watch out because thanks to NBCU, they'll soon be facing a crew of fierce warriors like Duck (“Rebel with a trust fund”), Shark (“A technological genius and software empath”), and the most terrifying of them all, Canadien (“Legendary protector of the province of Quebec”).