More Stations Look to Go Digital Before June 12

Another 158 TV stations have signaled their intent with the Federal Communications Commission that they plan to make the transition to digital broadcast before the June 12 deadline. So far, about 600 of the nation’s TV stations have shut off their analog signals.

Still the vast majority of the remaining TV stations, 927, will stick with the June 12 deadline. The 927 stations represent the nation’s largest, major market affiliate stations.

The FCC, which released the list of stations late Tuesday (March 17), gave them until March 17 to signal their intent to go earlier than the June 12 deadline. Many of the 158 stations have asked to flip the DTV switch on April 16.

The FCC will make a final ruling on the 158 stations. One of the FCC’s conditions is that major network affiliates in a market cannot all flip at the same time. Stations that make the switch earlier must inform their viewers 30 days ahead of the date.

Days before the original Feb. 17 DTV deadline, the government pushed it back to June 12.